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John Fell Ryan is one of five people interviewed in Room 237,
a documentary exploring Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.
Room 237 premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival,
screened at the Cannes Film Festival among others.

Now released in theaters and video-on-demand, Room 237
has attracted significant media coverage, with features in
The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine,
The Chicago Tribune, Variety, Los Angeles Times, Esquire, Time,
Film Journal, The Onion A.V. ClubRolling Stone, and NPR.

John Fell Ryan was chosen to be in the documentary primarily
for coming up with the idea of publicly screening The Shining forwards
and backwards simultaneously, superimposed. This act of “radical projection”
resulted in a series of remarkable synchronicities, an intense audience debate
over coincidence versus intent, and genuinely psychedelic time at the movies.
The Shining Forwards And Backwards has gone on to be regarded as a masterpiece
of “sync cinema,” perhaps second only to Dark Side Of The Rainbow.
You can watch and judge for yourself at the link below:

The Sync Book Presents:
The Shining Forwards and Backwards, Simultaneously, Superimposed

The Shining Forwards And Backwards, Simultaneously, Superimposed
premiered at The Spectacle Theater in Brooklyn, and has since screened in
London, Hollywood, Texas, Colorado, Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit,
and Seattle, often accompanied by a lecture by John Fell Ryan
on the phenomenon.

The Shining Forwards And Backwards, Simultaneously, Superimposed
has been written up in ViceBadass Digest and Screen Crush

John Fell Ryan has also written features on The Shining for Ad Hoc and The Quietus.

John Fell Ryan writes an ongoing blog of visual analyses of
The Shining and other works by Stanley Kubrick at


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