KDK12 is a blog written by John Fell Ryan documenting his analysis and exploration of The Shining and other works by Stanley Kubrick.
Though KDK12 is an open-ended, ongoing project, the great bulk of the 150+ posts stem from the spring of 2011 to the spring of 2013.
The following is a list of links to key posts and essays and serves as a guided tour through the rabbit hole of the KDK12 experience.


The Shining Forwards And Backwards

What Time Is It? Daylight Savings Time And The Shining

Stills Of Every Dissolve In The Shining

Space Travel in the Shining

Every Water Cooler In The Shining

Does The Carpet Match The Currans?

What Time Is It? It’s About 11:30

The Green Room

The Table

Hi Lloyd!

The Fallen Balloon Party

The Bedroom Mirror

The Games Room

The Entrance

The Mystery of Rainbow Rentals

The 13 Secrets Of The Bear Man

Here are a pair of published, commissioned essays by John Fell Ryan on The Shining analysis phenomenon:

Ad Hoc:

I Look At The Shining And It Shows Me Things

The Quietus:

11 Things You Might Not Have Noticed In The Shining