2012 Year In Review


Park City

January 23, 2012
Room 237 premieres, Sundance Film Festival, Egyptian Theater, Park City, Utah.


March 10, 2012
Excepter play The Smell, Los Angeles
Live Recording c/o Excepter STREAMS

April 20th, 2012
Excepter music video shot at Bat Cave, Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California.


June 20 – August 26, 2012
John Fell Ryan / Excepter
The Stand
Installation at Museu Berardo, Lisbon, Portugal.
Exhibit curated by O Novo Ofício.
Joining sound artists throughout the last century with those of the new century.
Edgard Varèse, Erik Satie, John Cage, Le Corbusier, Leon Theremin, Luigi Russolo,
Marcel Duchamp, Maurice Martenot, Oliver Messiaen, Yves Klein, Alvin Lucier,
Black Dice, Charlemagne Palestine, Jandek, Lou Reed, William Basinski, and Excepter.

O Novo Oficio digital exhibit catalog


Portugal scene report c/o The Craze

July 9 – August 4, 2012
Excepter European Tour
NYC, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Kutna Hora, London, Sejero


July 13, 2012
Excepter play OCCII, Amsterdam

July 14, 2012
Excepter play CTM West Berlin, Berlin
Berlin scene report c/o The Craze



July 15, 2012
Excepter play Creepy Teepee Festival, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic.
Kutna Hora scene report c/o Indie Music CZ


July 16, 2012
John Fell Ryan at The Sedlec Ossuary, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic.


July 17 – 23, 2012
Excepter recording at Faust Studios, Prague, Czech Republic.


July 24, 2012
Excepter play Cafe Oto, London
Live recording c/o Tape Worm Stu.

July 25, 2012
Screening of The Shining Forwards and Backwards, Simultaneously, Superimposed
c/o The Stanley Schntinter Picture Show.

July 26, 2012
Excepter play Rough Trade East, London
Live recording c/o Tape Worm Stu. 

August 3 – 4, 2012
Excepter at Sejero Festival, Sejero, Denmark


August 1 – August 31, 2012
Artist in residence, DIVA program, Copenhagen, Denmark.
John Fell Ryan artist talk: report and recording c/o Passive/Aggressive DK.


November 4, 2012
Room 237 Hollywood premiere, AFI Festival, Grauman’s Chinese Theater, Hollywood, California.
Secret screening of The Shining Forwards And Backwards, Simultaneously, Superimposed.